Same day Courier

Having an express delivery service that you can trust in today’s fast-paced world is critical to achieving business objectives. Our flexibility and combined experience enable us to provide high-value, time-definite delivery services to improve your business bottom line.

Whatever is your same-day delivery requirement, we have the expertise to meet your diverse needs. We employ the latest in communication technology to dispatch and track a fleet of vehicles so your deliveries can get to their destination on time and every time.


SMALL VAN (2 cubic meters)

LENGTH: 1.5 m – WIDTH: 1.2m – HEIGHT: 1.1m

Fits up to 1 pallet. PAYLOAD: 350 KG

SHORT WHEEL BASE (4 cubic meters)

LENGTH: 2 m – WIDTH: 1.6m – HEIGHT: 1.3m

Fits up to 2 pallets. PAYLOAD: 800-1000 KG

MEDIUM WHEEL BASE (10 cubic meters)

LENGTH: 3 m – WIDTH: 1.6m – HEIGHT: 1.7m

Fits up to 3 pallets. PAYLOAD: 1200-1500 KG

Fits up to 3 pallets. PAYLOAD: 1200-1500 KG

LONG WHEEL BASE (14 cubic meters)

LENGTH: 4.2 m – WIDTH: 1.6m – HEIGHT: 1.9m

Fits up to 4 pallets. PAYLOAD: 1200 KG

LUTON (19 cubic meters)

LENGTH: 4 m – WIDTH: 2m – HEIGHT: 2.2 m

Fits up to 6 pallets. PAYLOAD: 1000-1200 KG

7.5 TONNE LORRY (35 cubic meters)

LENGTH: 6 m – WIDTH: 2.4m – HEIGHT: 2.4m

Fits up to 10 pallets. PAYLOAD: 3000 KG